Mikhail Petrenko likes diversity - tirelessly, and without relying on fate for help, he changes occupations, specialties, genres, roles, cities, countries. A renown artist, he decided to become an art critic and succeeded in getting a degree from the prestigious institution for his multiple and original art interpretations. Another toss of life's kaleidoscope,and he is starring in a movie-film. It is a documentary ,where Mikhail Petrenko the artist

paints, talks about himself, his friends and the secrets of his craft, recites modern poetry and even sings. It has to be admitted - he is a gifted actor. Should he have become one? Theater attracts him as a form of art and an approach to life.

Irina Karasik,
chief curator of the State Russian Museum

M i h . M I h. P e t r e n k o


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